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This is a blog about my life after suffering a stroke. It was while composing it that I learned that what I have always thought as TBI, stroke, is not medically classified as TBI but simply as brain injury. So I would say that this blog is about brain injury. A stroke is an injury to the brain.

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Since I joined an organisation that helps those with TBI and their families, called Headway, I reckon I am well versed with TBI patient to write something about them. I do touch on the events at Headway and an income generation project they have started called Masiyephampili Project. (for more about Headway go to I do discuss other brain diseases such as, Autism, Alzheimer, Epilepsy and many more. I also discuss treatment for disability like Physiotherapy and Ceragem. And later, much later, something called prostate cancer and the Transnet Phelophepa Healthcare train. God bless them.

Here are some world famous people who in some way had come in contact with brain injury:

Amy Davies, a flyer on the Weber State Wildcats cheer leading squad, was left with a brain injury after a stunt move went horribly wrong duting practice. Five years later she won The Miss Utah beauty contest. A big up to her.

Former President of the United State of America, Abram Lincoln, had an ill funtioning left eye. A mule once kicked him at the back of his head. What? How did it happen? On the back of his head? Got to seek a video of that.

The Daily Mail report that Prince Harry followed in his mother's(Princess Diane) footstep as he visited an organisation that helps people with brain injury called Headway in Nottinham, England.

BBC News report that the father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, was recently discharged from hospital after suffering a fourth stroke.

Part of the reason for writing this blog is about having some sort of income since the money we disabled people receive from the South African Social Security Association(SASSA) is, as one occupationaltherapist at Headway put it, pathetic. It is definitly not going to rain Macdonald and Coca_Cola. If you want more Macdonalds and more Coca-Cola, you have to buy your own. Maybe this will make me afford my own Macdonald and Coca_Cola.

Well there is hope for people with brain injury. The Telegraph reported on the 23 October 2014 that a doctor treating one time Formula 1 champion, Michael Schumacher, who was involved in a skiing accident that caused a brain injury, said will recover in three years.

Former world boxing champion Muhamemed Ali, who thrilled fans during the Rumble in the Jungle and Thriller in Manilla, is now leaving with Parkinson's disease. though his doctor has said Parkinson's disease is not a disease anyone can die from. Holly Mary.

French motor racing driver, Jules Bianchi, who drove for Marussia F1 in the FIA formula one world championship was not so lucky. In 2014 during the Japanese Grand Prix, during wet conditions, he lost control of his Marussia car and collided with the recovery vehicle and suffered a brain injury. he was in a coma until his death in July 2015.

One type of brain injury I wish to have is Autism. This after watching the movie 'The Rain Main'. A character called Raymond, play by my favourite actor, Dustin Hoffman, really put having Autism on another level. Imagine telling the chacter played by Tom Cruise that he only want to fly Qantas while in the United State. I rather fly Emirates. Well, Qantas is the only flight never to have crashed. Is it true? I will check.

Peter Tatchell, a human rights activist, once revealed that he had brain injury as a result of being assaulted by Robert Mugabe's bodyguard and Russian neo-nazis.

However, the primary purpose of writing this blog was to focus on the struggle and the battle to return to a full functional life. Hence I focused my attention to the healing and recovery from this terrible ailment. A tree called Moringa does plays a pivotal role. I also supply you with photos from Kirkman, Kruger National Park, courtesy of former premier of Gauteng,        Mr Mbhazima Shilowa.

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P.S. A man about town was seriously ill in hospital. Let's call him Pepe Mali. The problem was, the doctors could not establish what was wrong with him. His family visited him everyday. They always le ft disappointed when they found out that still the doctors could not say a thing about his ailment. One day, he was surprised when more doctors than usual gathered on his bed. Now Pepe Mali really has something to stare with. He gave them his stare. Noticing that, the doctors moved away and gathered outsite. Pepe Mali tip-toed to the door to hear what they were talking about.

The next day his family came to visit as usual, and found him really jolly. He announced to his family that the doctors had finally out what was wrong with him. His wife sharply asked 'What'?

He said 'They did not actually tell me, but I overheard them saying they will found out tomorrow when they do the autopsy'. 

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